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Why have an eye test?

An eye examination is the best way for you to optimize your visual performance and eye comfort. Our complete eye examination includes an evaluation of your visual acuity, refractive status (near-sightedness, far-sightedness, astigmatism, presbyopia), your binocular status (how well the eyes work together) and an eye health examination. The ocular health exam start at your eyelashes and includes observation of your cornea, iris, lens, optic nerve, blood vessels and retina. We can see the effects of diabetes, glaucoma, hypertension and many other systemic diseases. We also test your peripheral vision with a computerized machine as well as testing your color vision and depth perception. You will be evaluated for different treatment modalities including eyeglasses, contact lenses whether they be extended wear, bifocals or toric, LASIK or vision therapy. We look forward to completely examining your eyes.

How often?
How often you should go for a test varies with age. We recommend that children be taken for an eye examination by the age of three, and every two years after this (or more often if recommended by your optometrist). Children under the age of 12 months are entitled to free eye tests at EyeWish Optometry. To find out who else is eligible to a test for free visit us.

If you should ever notice a significant change in your vision or suffer an injury to your eye you should see your doctor.

At 40, you should have a full eye examination, with follow-up exams about every two years (or more often if recommended by your optometrist). Age increases the risk of cataracts, glaucoma and macular degeneration, but remember , if detected early, the development of some diseases can be slowed or halted.

At 70 and beyond, you should have a full eye examination every year, even if you think your vision is good.