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Dr Pond has retired Dr Pond's Retirement Letter.

Skincare products to choose, and the ingredients to avoid, to keep eyes healthy and comfortable.
These two resources are available for learning more about ingredients in cosmetics:
Think Dirty App
Skin Deep by EWG

The most common eye irritants are:
Argireline (acetyl hexapeptinde-3, Lipotec)
Benzalkonium Chloride (BAK)
Butylene Glycol
Ethylenediaminetetraacetic Acid (EDTA)
Formaldehyde and Formaldehyde donors
Isopropyl Cloprostenate

Make-ups that are Safer and are recommended:
Eyes are the Story brand currently offers mascara, liquid eyeliner, facial cleanser and facial serum.
The EyeEco products, including the E9 moisturizer and facial hydrating spray, are also helpful for those with dry eye including severe disease.
Ocusoft and Zoria products, including the lash intensifying serum
We Love Eyes has wonderful products for cleansing, makeup removal and offers specific products for men.
Bruder Hygienic Eyelid Care Kit offers products to remove bacteria and debris and a compress to unclog blocked glands.

Mascara brands:
Blinc with tube technology has been beneficial for those with dry eye and contact lens wearers. Lily Lolo
Omiana “Barely There”

100% Pure long last liquid eyeliner
100% Pure creamy Long Last
100% Pure Fruit Pigmented

Eye Shadows:
100% Pure Fruit Pigmented

Make-up Lines:
Beauty Counter toxin free

Introducing Fendi ...

Sophisticated glasses featuring unique shape and iconic detailing such as the Fendi monogram, the legendary striped "Pequin" motif and the celebrated 2Jours decoration.

Skillful manufacturing techniques enhance the new glasses' premium quality materials, such as Optyl and exclusive acetate, celebrating the House's perfect savoir-faire and timeless elegance.

The color palette consists of refined shades and edgy color contrasts highlighted by an alluring interplay of materials, jewel-like details and shaded or mirrored lenses.

Costa del Mar Show Case

We have some new lines in our Costa del Mar show case.
Many of the lenses can be set for your prescription and all of them are light weight and great for active use.
Want to know more? Visit the Costa del Mar website: www.costadelmar.com .

We do FREE LASIK consultations.


Tried Transitions lenses in the past?
Wish that they would get dark in the car?
Good news!
Transitions has recently released Xtractive lenses.
They get dark in the car and are darker in the sun.

For more information : click on this link (you will leave EyeWish) .

Looking to order glasses on line?

We offer the following services for patients who wish to order glasses on line:
1. Measure your pupillary distance (P.D.).
2. Measure the segment height for bifocals or progressive lenses.
3. Verify that the glasses you receive match your written prescription.
4. Adjust the glasses to fit, no appointment necessary.

There is a professional fee for this service.


Fun Facts

Did you know that? Virtually none of these facts are in fact any fun.
We just said "fun facts" because we thought we could "trick" you into learning something, but I can see that you have caught on to our little ruse.