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Fashion and Frames

EyeWish glasses are all about being seen as much as seeing well.
Our Fashion Forward staff will help you select frames that are right for you and that fit well. Of course it is better to try frames on in person but you can
Try on frames virtually

New eyewear designers at EyeWish

OVVO Optics
OVVO logo
OVVO Optics developed technology to fuse titanium with surgical steel resulting in extremely light, durable and flexible frames. The company relied on German engineering for laser precision cuts with the final assembly completed in Poland. In 2000, OVVO introduced its patented screw-free hinge technology and quickly gained popularity in the European market. Prestigious Italian institute Certottica recognized OVVO as the only European brand featuring anti-allergic frames. Today, the frames continue a cutting edge production tradition with great attention to detail and fashion. Check out this video where they pull a plane with a pair of OVVO glasses!
Tom Ford Eyeglasses
model wearing Tom Ford Glasses
Tom Ford Eyeglasses are luxury frames featuring bold designs and polished accents. A pair of Tom Ford glasses is the most refined accessory to complement an extravagant lifestyle, with undeniable quality. When it comes to luxury, elegance, and sophisticated eyewear - Tom Ford glasses surely won’t disappoint. Created by Tom Ford, the brand has grown into ranking as one of the top 3 brands at specialty stores around the world. His vast experience in the fashion industry (he had a leadership role at Gucci & Yves Saint Laurent) translates into well designed Tom Ford eyewear. Coming in various shapes & colors, you’ll never run out of sleek styles to choose from. You can try Tom Ford Eyeglasses on through our virtual try on app.
several models wearing a variety of Oakley glasses
Oakley eyeglasses—made from rugged, long-lasting materials and fitted with top-quality lenses in your prescription—are ready to tackle the road ahead. Discover durable frames for men and women in styles from sporty to refined. Oakley Eyeglasses are also available to try on virtually with our app.

Make a splash with Ray Ban

Office Staff sporting ray bans
Ray Bans are back for Summer!! EyeWish glasses are all about being seen as much as seeing well. Our Fashion Forward staff will help you select frames that are right for you.

We carry Kate Spade Frames

Unlike frames sold on the internet our frames are this years models not overstocked unsold product and are provided defect free and with full warranty.


kids and glasses

Kids and Glasses

How to get the kids to wear them and how to get them to stay put!
For some kids it's a real struggle to get them to wear the glasses. It's often harder if the kid only needs correction for one eye. The doctor recommends full-time wear and the child doesn't want to wear them at all. We do have some suggestions: Let the child participate in choosing the style, listen to what they like and dislike about the glasses. Compliment them on how great the glasses look. If it's possible have some of their peers compliment them. Suggest wearing the glasses for video game play, art projects and watching TV or movies. Encourage your child to wear the glasses full-time in the classroom and enlist the help of the teacher. Test your child's vision with the glasses on and off at home, try to show them that both eyes do indeed see better with the glasses. To help the glasses stay on we recommend glasses with comfort cables, using a sport strap or glasses such as Liberty's Rec Specs which are designed to stay on while playing sports. Good luck! Most kids do wear the glasses more and more with time.

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