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4-18-20 EyeWish website COVID Issue: Office during COVID/SIP

Our Practice during COVID-19 and Shelter in Place

Thank you for your patience during this unusual and challenging time. We wish all of you continued good health. Our office will continue to be closed except for urgent eye care until May 4th. Please call the office with any eye problems or concerns. Dr. Pond or Dr. Mantua will be available to answer questions over the phone, email, text or FaceTime. If they deem necessary, it is possible to see you in the office. Our Shelter in Place hours are M-F 9-4. Call 415-897-2997, if it is after hours, our phone message includes our cell numbers or email us at

Contact lenses can be ordered if you are running low or have had to push back your annual eye exam due to Shelter in Place. You can call us now to place an order to carry you over until your eye exam. We will ship your contacts directly to you without a shipping charge. You could also consider wearing your eyeglasses more and contact lenses less while you are at home spending more time on your computer, tablet, or phone.

We are putting into place safety measures and have been sanitizing all surfaces, especially those often touched areas. We ask that if you come into our office, that you wear a mask. We sanitize our office with a highly effective solution of hypochlorous acid which meets the EPA list of disinfectants for use against the coronavirus. The product is called Pure and Clean and it is available for eyelid hygiene and hand sanitizing, without the drying effect, nor odor of alcohol. Teachers and healthcare workers love this product, as do our staff members for use in office, home, and while out and about. You can purchase this product from us.

Be well and in good spirits.